Things to know before you start building your website

This article is originally posted at the Centuryware Solutions’ Blog.

Whether you want to build your first website or enhance the existing website you have, the cost factor is likely to be on your mind on top. The website could be few text pages or something far more complex, but defining what you really need before hand would keep the costs down. Before you look for a web development firm, always define the purpose and the scope of the website. Here are few guidelines for you to follow.

Relax, take a pencil and a paper and try to answer these questions yourself.

1. Who are the primary users (ex: retail customers) of the website and why should they come to your website than your competitor?
2. What purpose the website will serve? Ex: lead generation, brand awareness, e-commerce, etc.
3. What media do you like to have? Ex: flash, audio, video, quality graphics, virtual tours, etc.
4. What are the similar websites you like?
5. What would you have your competition would not have?
6. How many pages you will like to have?
7. How would you market your website and what budget do you have?
8. Who will do the updates of the website?
9. Who will do the content writing (copy)
10. How will you measure the success of your website?
11. What’s the time frame you have for the project?
12. Social Media?
13. Contribution you can provide for the marketing aspects
14. What would be the maximum price you can afford?

Having answered these is likely to keep your costs down and will avoid unexpected expenses. At the same time, it would give your website consultant information to understand your concept/thought better to make it a reality.


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