Will Cloud Computing help your business?

OK! Now your business is getting bigger and you  need more resources. You would never know when you need more bandwidth, more power or more space on your servers, but whatever the case it could be, cloud computing might be a solution to cut your costs down while providing your clients an uninterrupted service! Industry experts have different views and ideas on cloud computing and I found this video which was recorded at the Web 2.0 Expo.

Cloud Computing in general terms mean that you are able to operate in a scalable and visualized platform over the internet. There are 3 main focuses on cloud computing where you combine the infrastructure, the platform and the software as services (IaaS, PaaS and Saas).

I was able to come across a real-world application of a Cloud Computing model for a friend of mine. Just like always, the best way to explain something is through an example, which has always been easy for me.

Ex: Moodle Operation on a Could Computing Model
The moodle service they had needed was a scalable platform from time to time as far as the performance of the computers and the bandwidth were concerned. A regular dedicated server or a shared hosting would not be any help since at times it needed to operate at 8 times of its normal performance. 8 times of the performance was very expensive to have. Through an scalable, cloud computing model through VPS.NET, we were able to set up the infrastructure, the platform and the software. The services were able to be enhanced by 18 times when needed.

They has been in business for years and very reliable when it comes to customer support and service up time. Enter the code ‘rick‘ to receive extra 10% off through this link.



One thought on “Will Cloud Computing help your business?

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