Jason Calacanis: The New Chairman at Yahoo? Welcome to This Week in Yahoo!

I watched Jason’s episode on Yahoo current CEO’s ‘inadvertent error‘ (at least what they call it) and was thinking to myself maybe Jason would be good fit to take it over. Few hours after watching the episode I get the Nimble mail with his LinkedIn employment status changed to Chairman at Yahoo! First I was shocked (in a good way) and then again I see Arrington’s Linked In status changed to the CEO at Yahoo and it confused the hell out of me. I immediately emailed him and asked, but no response yet. This left me in a really confusing state as if this was a joke or if it was for real. Of cause Arrington was making fun out of the whole Yahoo situation and his interview with Batz was no fun to her (yes this is before she was fired!) She finally said ‘F*** off!‘ and I kinda felt bad for her.

I still feel really bad about this whole Yahoo situation. Yahoo was my first email account, I did my search back in the days, it was my first internet radio/music experience, it was my first chatting experience and it was everything to me back in the days. It’s been many years since they’ve had a good product guy up there; what they desperately need is a good product guy that can really make a difference. When was the last time you really heard Yahoo putting out anything that is really disruptive? They need some young minds there.

If Jason and Arrington do take over Yahoo, it would be really something to see what changes they can do. I really think they both can do an amazing job. They both are influential and they both have the ability to talk to the right people/audience. Regardless of the controversies, Arrington  and Jason changed the startup game for a lot of these entrepreneurs. It was like winning the Nobel price to be featured on Techcrunch. They both work very closely with startups and have gained a immense knowledge of what’s coming out.


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