Obama Wins, Technology Wins!

Obama government is playing a major role accelerating tech entrepreneurship. Below is a summary of what was done earlier. Promoting high-growth entrepreneurship Unlocking capital: This spring President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act (http://wh.gov/QBy), a bipartisan bill that allows startups to raise capital from investors more efficiently, among other initiatives, by allowing small-dollar crowdfunding investments (http://wh.gov/3Buf), … Continue reading Obama Wins, Technology Wins!

I Am Already Minus on Google Plus!

Heck, we all know the next phase of Search is Social! Google didn't put out G+ just to compete with Facebook; even a cave man can understand it. For a better search experience, social data matters. Wouldn't it be really cool if you are travelling to Barcelona, you find out two of your friends have been … Continue reading I Am Already Minus on Google Plus!